FT-17 back in CR after 80 years

At about 20,000 visitors had a unique opportunity to see a Renault FT-17 historical light tank, during the Tank Day at Military Technical Museum in Lesany on 1st September. The first tank in the arsenal of the Czechoslovak army was transferred from a French museum in Saumur and is back in CR after 80 years, for 2 months. The loan is a gift from ARQUUS at the occasion of 100th anniversary of the foundation of independent Czechoslovakia and establishment of Czechoslovak Army in the same time.

The French Military Mission to Czechoslovakia contributed to formation of the Czechoslovak Army and its Supreme Staff, that was built on the base and with respect to the system of French organization. General Pellé became the first Chief of the Supreme Staff of the new Czechoslovak Army and France was also significantly engaged in ensuring equipment and armaments.

The FT-17 is staying in the Military Technical Museum in Lesany until the official celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Czechoslovak independence on the 28th October when it will be exhibited in Prague at Letná. Than, it returns to Saumur.

We appreciate the help of VOP CZ, our business partner in CR, with organizing the loan.