Arquus takes part in the centenary of Czechoslovakia

On the occasion of 100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic welcomed, among other VIPs, president Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as American Minister of Defense, General James Mattis.

Arquus president Emmanuel Levacher (founding member and former president of French-Czech Chamber of Commerce) also joined the celebrations in Prague, to commemorate an event as important for the Czech Nation and its friendly relations with France, lasting from the foundation of independent Czechoslovakia.

Before the official recognition by the Saint-Germain en Laye Treaty in 1919, the Czechoslovak independence was first proclaimed in Darney, in the French region of the Vosges, in the presence of dr. Edvard Beneš and the French President Raymond Poincaré, who handed over the Czechoslovak flag to the Czechoslovak army, built and trained in France. The first minister of War of the new republic, General Stefanik, was also a French citizen and officer during the World War I.

A part of the static demonstration made the Tank of Victory, the FT-17, which equipped the Czechoslovak army after 1918. Key weapon of the French Army at the end of the World War I, the FT-17 is a revolutionary vehicle, which founded the identity of what is now Arquus. Arquus contributed to the vehicle’s exhibition in Prague, and to its transport from the Tank Museum in Saumur.

Arquus, European leader of protected mobility, develops close relationship with Czech major industrial company VOP CZ.