SHERPA Light and HIGUARD at the Milovice tankdrome

Milovice 15. November 2017

The representation for the Czech Republic of RENAULT Trucks Defense prepared a demonstration of two vehicles from the company’s rich assortment on the former tankdrome near Milovice. Representatives of the General Staff, Military Services, and the Department of Defense could try drive with the HIGUARD Central Armored Vehicle and the light tactical SHERPA Light vehicle in its Special Force Modification.

For the first rounds, the vehicles were presented by professional French drivers, but afterward the professionals from the Czech Army took the wheel. All participants evaluated highly the exceptional driving characteristics of both vehicles and discussed their possible use in units within the Czech Army.

The Sherpa Light is a lightweight tactical vehicle designed for infantry, paratrooper forces, or security forces to deliver high performance, mobility and transport capacity. The SHERPA Light is equipped with mine protection, an improvised explosive system as well as ballistic protection according to regulations CEN 1063 and STANAG 4569.

HIGUARD is a medium-heavy armored vehicle with a high-capacity protected hull. A durable permanent 6×6 driveline provides HIGUARD with exceptional mobility in difficult terrain, while its armored hull provides effective ballistic protection according to STANAG 4569. HIGUARD offers excellent infantry transport capabilities and is ideal for special equipment installations. It can thereafter be used as a command, staff, communication or ambulance vehicle.

The demonstration was also participated in by VOP CZ, n.p., a state-owned industrial partner of RENAULT Trucks Defense. The first product of the cooperation between RENAULT Trucks Defense VOP CZ Nový Jičín should be the Czech partner’s participation on HIGUARD´s production.

RENAULT Trucks Defense offers a wide range of armored vehicles for the army and security forces. In use by the French Army and several other NATO forces. The individual RENAULT Trucks Defense ranges share a high level of components providing a great benefit in terms of subsequent spare parts disponibility, logistics and lifecycle management. The vehicles presented represent a very suitable alternative for the modernization of ground equipment of the Czech Army.