Renault Trucks Defense demonstrated its light tactical vehicles

In mid-February, Renault Trucks Defense representation of the Czech Republic prepared, just two months after the official presentation at the MILIPOL exhibition in Paris, a demonstration of the ACMAT Light Tactical Vehicle (ALTV) offered under the brand name ACMAT. The ALTV vehicles in station wagon and pickup versions were presented to representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the Czech Army on the test circuit of the Military Technical Institute of Ground Forces in Vyškov and in the Hummer Center in Prague. Visitors to the event after driving the vehicles on the test circuit with professional factory drivers could test the driving properties of both vehicles themselves.
“I had the opportunity to test the vehicles and both of them have surpassed my expectations, for example, by amazing stability and their performance in rough terrain when passing through sharp approach angles, steep climbs or riding on a snowy road,” said Petr Oršulík, one of the participants in the event in Vyškov.
The ALTV vehicles are in the pickup version offered with single or double cab, with maximum crew of 2+8 people and 4+6 people. The pick-up version is particularly suitable for personnel or cargo transport, reconnaissance, surveillance and liaison vehicle.
Essentially used as a personnel carrier, the station wagon version is a polyvalent vehicle which can be used for a wide range of missions. The transport capacity is a total of five crew members.
The presentation was also attended by the state enterprise VOP CZ, which is an industry partner of the RENAULT Trucks Defense.
The company RENAULT Trucks Defense offers a wide range of armoured vehicles, which are intended for the army and security forces. They are used by the French army, as well as other NATO armies.
The individual series of RENAULT Trucks Defense vehicles have a high proportion of the mutual use of the same components, which is a great benefit in terms of subsequent procurement of spare parts, logistics and vehicle life cycle management. The ALTV vehicles could be a suitable replacement for already outdated UAZ vehicles that are currently used in the Czech Army.